Tuesday, 4 February 2014

February: shorts II

I decided for my first project this month to try the shorts pattern again, incorporating the adjustments I made last time, and using a sewn on waistband, instead of folded over.

I was a lot happier with the finish of these, the waistband particularly worked a lot better.  For some reason this pair seem a bit lower waisted, so I would probably make the next pair a little higher, but it is only a minor point.

Overall I was happy with the sewing of these, but the fabric they are made from is another matter.  I used a light buttery yellow knit fabric, and it turned out to be very slightly see-through, and to cling to every curve.   In other words, they look appalling on, and I can't imagine wearing them even around the house.  Fortunately it is a cheap fabric I don't mind wasting, and mostly chose because I wanted to get the pattern right before using nicer fabric.

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