Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Itty bits to pin cushins

Whilst working on my shorts and thinking I had nothing to sew from the few scrap fabric pieces I have, I realized there is something I really need - pincushions!   I have for years been putting my pins back in their original pack, but as well as being inefficient the pins are now tending to come loose and fall back out.

I picked two patterns to try - a triangle and a square.   I was pleased with both, but the square is perhaps a little big.   The triangle was definitely easiest to sew, the square did provide some challenges to make sure the seams were even and the corners straight.

For stuffing I used some raw wool scraps that are too short to spin well (I think this counts as Stashbusting too, just from a different stash!) and just combed them lightly.   This worked very well, providing a firmer stuffing than synthetic fill while still being soft.
Close-up of my hand-stitched seam

The part I am happiest with is the seams where they are sewn closed - I have finally mastered the art of sewing closed invisibly, after years of having messy, obvious hand stitching.

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